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At North Shore Periodontics, we provide a wide range of treatments designed to help our patients achieve better oral health. Our team of dental professionals at Northshore Periodontics are skilled in the processes and backed by up-to-date research and cutting-edge equipment and tools.

advanced dental technology at north shore periodontics

Piezo surgery

Experience the future of bone operations with Mectron Piezosurgery. With this technology breakthrough our Periodontists can perform surgery via the use of special ultrasonic micro vibrations, rather than rotating burs or saws. These micro vibrations are similar to the tools used for cleaning teeth and has become the benchmark for bone surgery devices across the world.

Several Advantages of Piezosurgery:

  • More precise application
  • Reduces post-operative discomfort and swelling for patients
  • Safer procedure for patients
  • Provides protection for soft tissue
  • Faster recovery and healing

Implant and root de-contamination via air polishing

Traditional techniques for cleaning teeth can lead to excessive damage to the outer layer of teeth, especially when repeated over the course of many years. Current concepts on how bacteria cause disease have changed, and so should our techniques. One technique that we believe in is air polishing. This particular method allows the gentle removal of bacteria without unnecessary partial extraction of tooth substance. For delicate surfaces such as implants and crowns, use of an air tooth polisher is the most ideal way to decontaminate the bacteria.

Low dose 3D dental imaging

When planning a complex treatment such as dental implants, knowledge of the vital structures is essential. At North Shore Periodontics, we offer impressive dental technology such as enhanced 3D imaging on site. This enables us to proceed with surgery in the safest way possible, giving our patients peace of mind. It is a new standard of care that we proudly deliver to all our patients.

Fig 1. Planning for dental implants for a patient by precisely measuring the available bony anatomy

Through detailed planning and preparation, 3D dental imaging can make procedures much safer for you. The imaging can be captured conveniently inside our clinic, saving you the trouble of going to another centre just to get it done. The images are then viewed digitally on a computer and accurate measurements can be made such as the distance between vital structures. Another benefit is that our 3D cone beam unit is able to minimise the radiation dosage you receive by excluding image structures that are not important.

jawbone 3d imaging

Fig 1. Planning for dental implants for a patient by precisely measuring the available bony anatomy

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