Gummy Smiles

Gummy Smile Treatment in North Shore Periodontics

A gummy smile refers to an excessive gingival display during a smile which affects a person’s self-image. Most gummy smiles are aesthetic in nature, but it could also result from underlying gum conditions. These conditions may need to be treated by your periodontist before the gummy smile can be resolved.

A gummy smile will not affect your your ability to eat or to talk. However, showing too much gum in your smile can make you self-conscious. Gummy smile is linked to anxiety in social interactions and may even contribute to depression. Fortunately, there are several gummy smile treatment options available for you.

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Bring Back Your Smile With North Shore Periodontics

Say goodbye to your gummy smile and bring your confidence back with a trip to North Shore Periodontics. If you are suffering from excessive gingival display, our periodontists will be happy to correct it with a minor surgical operation. Our dental professional are equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment and the capable knowledge to give you our signature standard of dental care. Head to North Shore Periodontics and get the smile you have always wanted.

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Gummy Smile Treatment With Crown Lengthening

One of the common cause of gummy smiles is too much gum growth over your crowns. We recommend a procedure called crown lengthening to expose your teeth.

When you visit us in our North Shore clinic, we will review your medical history and do a series of scans on your gums. When you are clear, you will be scheduled for surgery. Our periodontist will make a cuts in your gums to expose the roots of your teeth. Your gums will heal in under three months and then, we will put a new crown on your teeth.

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