Impacted Canines

Exposure of Impacted Canines for Orthodontics

Using state-of-the-art dental equipment and modern orthodontic techniques, our dental professionals at North Shore Periodontics can treat your impacted canines. Find a solution to your impacted tooth problems and restore function to your teeth.

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What are Impacted Canines?

An impacted tooth is a tooth that is blocked and fails to erupt into the dental arch. Wisdom teeth get impacted more often. However, upper canines or maxillary teeth can also be blocked and unable to emerge properly.

Impacted canines affect around 2% of Australians. The canine has thicker, more conical roots and the last to fully erupt into place. This makes them susceptible to be stuck and impacted. Impacted canines are painless but if not treated immediately, they can create problems in the future, both physically and emotionally. An impacted canine may damage tooth structures and cause loss of confidence, especially at an early age.


There are several factors that can cause impacted canines. Sometimes, there’s an extra tooth that leaves no room for the canine to erupt. Poor alignment of the front teeth can also block the canine. Finally, soft tissue and other unusual growths in the gums can also prevent the progress of the canine.

How does North Shore Periodontics treat Impacted Canine?

At North Shore Periodontics, we specialise in treating your impacted canine with up-to-date tools and techniques. This procedure includes a combination of surgical exposure and orthodontic banding to place your canine where it needs to be.

Our Sydney periodontists will begin the procedure with a series of visual examinations and X-ray scans to determine the exact location of the impacted canine. Next, we will create some space in the dental arch by cutting gum tissue to expose the impacted tooth. Finally, we will begin to reposition the impacted canine with orthodontic banding.

Fix your impacted canines today. Call our dental professionals on (02) 9809 6888 or use our contact form for inquiries and appointment requests.

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