Oral Hygiene Instructions

Oral Hygiene Instructions Tailor-Fit to your Habits

Daily brush and flossing is great oral hygiene habit. However, each individual has different oral health needs that could benefit from tailored oral hygiene instructions. Especially for patients with dental health problems such as cavities, tooth decay, and even periodontitis, individually tailored advice will enable you to heal faster and maintain healthy teeth.

At North Shore Periodontics, our periodontists believe in a tailored oral hygiene programme approach. We understand your individual needs when it comes to oral health. When you consult with our expert dental staff about dental care, expect that our advice will be:

  1. adapted to your teeth condition
  2. customized to according to your routine
  3. guaranteed to work for you at home

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Aside from dental care advice, our periodontists will also give recommendations on which dental care products would suit you. Dental products available in the Sydney market contains different ingredients. We will provide you expert advice on which product will have the best effect on your oral health.

oral hygiene instruction

To start you on the road to better oral health, here are some general oral health tips that work for everyone.

1. How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

Squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush. A toothbrush with a small head and soft bristles is the best for navigating your mouth and removing plaque from your teeth. Tilt your brush at about 45 degrees against your teeth and gum line. Brush gently with short back-and-forth and circular strokes. Don’t forget to brush the back of your teeth and the surface of your tongue. Proper brushing takes around two minutes.

2. How to Floss Your Teeth

When done properly, flossing your teeth can remove hard to reach plaque and food particles and protect you from gum disease. Start with around 18 inches of floss and wind it around a finger. Hold the floss firmly and slide it gently between your teeth. It is helpful to go deep beneath the gum line but don’t force it. Make sure to use a clean section of the floss when you move to the next tooth.

3. How to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Your daily food intake has the biggest impact on your oral health. You are what you eat as they say. Thus, it is important to know which food you should consume to maintain a healthy set of teeth. Sugary foods such as candies and soda contribute to tooth decay. The bacteria in your mouth use sugar as fuel to produce dental plaque. For healthier alternatives, fruits such as apples are high in fibre and water which neutralises the bacteria in your mouth. Cheese and yogurt are high in calcium which strengthens teeth. Food that is high in fibre also strengthens your gums and reduce the risk of gum disease.

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