Corrective Gum Surgery

In the more precarious forms of periodontitis, conservative treatment of your gum disease may not be enough. Your condition may require corrective gum surgery to eliminate the infection completely. These instances involve a defect in the surrounding bone and tissue that needs regenerative therapy.

A non-invasive periodontal surgery will involve scaling off the hardened plaque called tartar using a breakthrough instrument. Our periodontists will also do air polishing to completely remove plaque. Hardened plaque is difficult to remove by normal means hence the need for dentist intervention.

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Our periodontists may also prescribe regenerative procedures when the bone and tissue have been destroyed by periodontitis. These procedures involve folding back the gum tissue to remove the plaque-causing bacteria. Gingival flap surgery will also involve separating the gum tissue from the teeth to reduce the periodontal pockets.

You may also undergo cosmetic dental surgery to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Gingivectomy will remove excess gum tissue that may have overgrown while gingivoplasty will reshape your gum tissue to reverse recession.

Our dental staff in North Shore Periodontics our trained to perform corrective surgery for periodontitis. Rest assured that only the best techniques and the latest procedures will be used for better results. 

Benefits of Corrective Surgery as a Periodontal Disease Treatment

  • Increased chance of tooth survival
  • Prolonged tooth health
  • Faster healing even without antibiotics
  • Gum restoration
  • Increased bone-to-tooth attachment

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